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While there are a lot things you can do at home to make  your ski boot fit better, sometimes it is best to seek out the professionals.  Our trained boot fitters can evaluate your fit and may be able to make huge improvements to your fit by supporting your feet, giving you more space in your boots and checking the alignment of your body in your boots. You will want to consult our boot fitters if any of the following is true:

  • You need a more precise fit from your ski boots.

  • You feel intense pressure or pain in any specific area of you feet, ankles or calves.

  • You are having trouble trying to correct a bowlegged or knocked kneed stance.


Custom Foot Beds

Many boot fit issues can be eliminated or dramatically reduced with custom foot beds. Similar to custom orthotics you can put custom insoles in your ski boots. Custom insoles are specifically shaped to your feet for maximum support.  Foot beds offer support and control over your skiing as well as preventing the foot from splaying longer and wider in the boot. A supported foot will have less natural inclination to bang again the front and side walls of the boot which makes for a more comfortable fit. Also, it is much easier to pin-point a problem spot if the foot is not slopping around the shell.  The process typically takes about 25 to 60 minutes and custom foot beds may significantly improve your comfort level by aligning your foot and leg as well as supporting your feet.

Boot Punches

One of the most common ways to solve these pressure points after trying a custom foot bed is to create more space in the boot by reshaping the plastic.  The ski boot shell is heated up and stretched using special boot fitting equipment. So it best to try all other options before stretching or punching a ski boot shell.


Canting refers to the actual stance alignment of the skier by correcting a knocked kneed or bowlegged stance through removing material, planning the ski boot sole, cantable soles or wedges under the binding. Cuff alignment is often confused with canting. Many boots offer the skier the ability to adjust the cuff to fit the shaft of the leg; this is an important feature as it allows you a more neutral stance in the boot.  Adjusting the canting of your ski boots should be left to our boot fitting professionals.

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