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Ski tuning & waxing is equally important for telemark, alpine touring and nordic skis, and snowboards. Proper tuning ensures you're getting maximum turning performance out of your board(s), something you'll notice whether you're ripping high-speed turns,dropping  into steep alpine terrain, or gliding across the flats.



How often you tune your bases and edges depends on how often you ski. Several wax / tune-ups per season is average. The easiest way to determine if a tune-up is needed is to examine the base and edges of your skis.

Look for the following:

  • Small gouges in the bases

  • Burrs or nicks on the edges from hitting rocks or dirt

  • Edges that feel dull to the touch


How Do You Know When To Tune?

Ski and Board Tuning

  • Skis Complete Tune - $65.00

  • Skis Wax & Sharpen - $55.00


  • Skis under 140cms $50.00

  • Board Complete Tune - $75.00

  • Board Wax & Sharpen - $60.00 

    All Boards must have bindings removed before drop off

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